Urgent Reminder

WEBSTA Tools has been upgraded to WEBSTA Widgets.

  1. If you were a WEBSTA Tools user, regenerating the widget code(s) is necessary to continue using them on your website or blog after June 2016.
    You can continue for FREE. If you were planning to use WEBSTA Tools, please head on to our new website too.
  2. To start, log in on WEBSTA Widgets and follow the steps.
    Click CREATE on the top right to start regenerating.
    Please visit this page if you need help.
  3. To say thanks, we’re giving you a 30% DISCOUNT COUPON CODE if you try any Pro versions!
    Enter 30OFF-E3 to enjoy Pro features (such as customizing thumbnail links) for 1 month.
    This code must be used by JUNE 30, 2016.
  4. Know more about the improvements made on WEBSTA Widgets here.
  5. Lastly, due to Instagram’s updated platform policy, certain widgets from WEBSTA Tools will be phased out.
    Widgets that will continue on will be constantly upgraded with new features.
    Know which widgets will stay and go.

Have urgent requests or need more assistance? Let us know! Your ticket will be considered high priority.

Many thanks,